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Our Areas of Expertise

Capabilities Statement

Axelerate delivers comprehensive technology, project and business management services to help clients achieve measurable, long-term results. Our Axelerators operate from the team technologist level through the business strategy layer of the organization. Founded in the Pacific Northwest in 2003, Axelerate is built on the principle that high-touch service, skill building, and team spirit create the perfect high-octane fuel for company growth.

The Axelerate Full Coverage Proposition

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IT Governance & Transformation

The confluence of IT and strategic business planning (including the organizational processes and procedures controlling existing hardware, software, systems, etc.) is critical to survival of modern businesses. At Axelerate, we understand the aspects of formulating the initiatives to maintain the organizations innovative posture. The Axelerate Team is positioned to deliver personnel on the cutting edge of technology and experienced with Service Design and Support as well as Project, Program and Portfolio Management including the underlying frameworks such as Agile, PMI and ITIL.
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Technology Infrastructure

Axelerate delivers highly skilled technology personnel to manage and operate a company's technology 'backbone' – its data centers and networks. They plan, design, implement and maintain server configurations, routing protocols, network configurations and storage environments to facilitate the needs of the organization. They configure server backups, monitor network usage data, They also develop and implement Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans. They work closely with the IT Security Group ensuring that company servers and networks meet or exceed established security requirements.
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Systems Analysis & Architecture

Our Systems Analysis folks work with end users, business unit managers and customers to understand business needs and develop requirements and performance specifications for systems and applications. Our analysts act as intermediaries between technical developers and end users. In the past, Axelerate's tech personnel have performed use case development, business process mapping and even application design through deployment to include end user/stakeholder interviews, system modeling, and testing using a range of methods across disparate architectures.
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Cyber Security Management

IT Security personnel from Axelerate are responsible for defining, communicating and enforcing technology-related policies, standards and procedures. They are tasked with mitigating risk related to internal and external data breaches and cyber attacks. Our IT Security specialists have worked to develop security incident management plans and ensure that all technology-related projects and existing infrastructure meet organizationally defined security requirements.
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Application Development

Application Developers from Axelerate define application architectures and build the programs and systems. Our team at Axelerate has a deep understand both developmental technologies and their associated methodologies.
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Application Management

Our Application Management pros support the all important legacy systems of the organization, such as ERP or CRM software. Responsibilities include bug fixes, patches, minimal enhancements code refactoring, etc. This group may also be responsible for maintaining infrastructure (servers, storage, memory, etc.) related to company systems. At Axelerate we understand the techniques used to rationalize the existing applications via Application Portfolio Management.
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Business Intelligence

Axelerate has considerable in the design and development of databases and applications that pool, extract and analyze large amounts of data providing management with insights on the overall performance of the organization as well as information on markets and competitors. Our Business Intelligence contingent works with management to create robust dashboards as well as being able to analyze large, unstructured data sets.
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User Support & Services

Axelerate provides technology assistance to internal customers (the company's employees). They set up hardware and software, troubleshoot technical issues and perform root cause analysis to reduce instances of technical problems. Technical personnel are often responsible for hardware and software procurement and asset management. Axeletate personnel can provide Level I, II and III Service Support.
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IT Procurement

The IT Procurement function is and will remain critical to managing the purchase and provide analysis of technology-related assets.  Advanced functions include forecasting the point at which hardware/software should be replaced, determination of indices on which such assessments are made and the resident capabilities/features. We'll help you obtain a clear understanding of procurement contracts and vendor requirements.
The Axelerate Difference
  • We consistently deliver comprehensive technology, business services and solutions to help clients achieve measurable, long-term results.
  • Our tailored, high-touch service, skill-building, and team spirit create the perfect high-octane fuel for your company’s growth.
"We have the commitment. We have the technical and managerial reach. From hard-core technologists through middle-level and strategic management, we're standing by to Axelerate your initiatives."
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