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The Best Technology Consultants

Axelerate is the place where Information Technologists and Technology Managers come to get promoted. No matter where you are in your career you have goals and dreams – next steps you can’t wait to take. At Axelerate we can help with more than the next step, we can help build a career. Checkout the many tech disciplines we put our staff into.

Career Goal Setting – Planning Your Dream Career

Your personal account manager will take the time to get to know you. Our assessments and goals inventory process we’ll reveal hidden interests and opportunities. Working together you can sketch out a plan to build skills and target companies that will set you up for success now and in the future.

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Placement on Projects – Dream Projects at Dream Companies

One of our Consultants helped to roll out 100 tech company stores worldwide. Yes, we can get you into the tech giants on once-in-a-lifetime projects. But what if you’d like to shorten your commute? Or have dependable hours? Or what if just prefer a smaller company? Our PMs choose their placements for lots of different reasons. Maybe you’d prefer Nordstrom, Microsoft and Puget Sound Energy. Check out our full list of clients. Wherever you end up, it will be because it’s a great fit with the client’s culture and your plans for growth.

Sharp People, Generous Benefits, Great Pay

At Axelerate, you’ll get much more than just a paycheck. We have a comprehensive set of benefits. One of the biggest benefits is the power to choose exactly what’s most important to you. Your options include: 

  • A comprehensive menu of medical benefits with the option for fully-paid medical coverage that includes dental and vision

  • Up to 15 days paid time off for vacations and sick leave

  • Personalized career guidance based on your unique skills and desired path

At Axelerate we treat our people as if they’re our most important asset because they are. We know you’ll work better when you feel valued and supported. Expect hands-on engagement with our Management Team as well as lively office energy, activities, contests and parties.

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“Embarking on a new career begins before you become one of our recruitment candidates. The first step is finding out what might work for you by asking the right questions of professionals who can provide the answers!”
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