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What Our Customers Say

At the end of the day, Axelerate is all about cost-effective delivery of technical and business value. Our testimonials below as well as our Case Studies are proof-positive that Axelerate delivers.
3 men working with a high level of coordination
"Axelerate has a unique collection of people that work really well together. I used to work at a large local software company, and this is so much like a product group there. It’s very comfortable for me."
Office of Emergency Management, Local Government
image showing selection high level job candidates
“Our Account Manager at Axelerate understood what we needed at a higher level. She knew exactly what resource we were looking for and found someone for us quickly.”
Program Manager
Redmond-based Software Company
graphic with worker running to project completion
“I’ve been really impressed with Axelerate’s work on this project. They’ve brought technical focus, creative thinking and dedication the whole way through. Even when the project went beyond its original scope, they took it to the finish line.”
Program Manager
Drug Court, Local Government
scale representing axelerate's consultants tipping the balance
“The timeliness of Axelerate's contribution to our efforts here were decisive in bringing several initiatives - of major import to the company and myself - to a successful conclusion.  Without the direct intervention and tireless efforts of Axelerate's Management, the scales would have tipped against us.”
Director, PMO
National Transportation Company
3 highly qualified project managers receive awards
“Axelerate really brought this one home for us. After losing several key project managers, several high profile initiatives were becoming troubled affairs. Fortunately, Axelerate was able to assess our needs and place a couple of hard-charging PMs into the mix - really turning things around for our team.”
Systems Engineering Manager
Local Defense Contractor
Axelerate's rapid response to different staffing requirements
"Axelerate is remarkably responsive. Partnering with them, I’ve seen firsthand how proactive they are with their clients. We meet regularly, and it keeps me confident that our project is on the right track. They’re also very quick to provide what we need. Since our department scales up and down frequently, that’s incredibly helpful."
Redmond-based Software Company
'hard charger' acting on their own and driving forward
"They’re real drivers at Axelerate. They take charge of projects and lead them to completion. I don’t have to micromanage—which helps, because I already have plenty to manage on my end."
Senior Manager
Redmond-based Software Company
"There is nothing we like more than compliments from our Clients - except more recent compliments from our Clients! Let us put you in the position to make some."
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