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Dec 13, 2020
Christmas ornaments

We can’t settle on our favorite part of the holidays, at Axelerate.  We have dozens of favorites, and we keep thinking of even more.  But we agree that somewhere very near the top of our list is the simple pleasure of wishing you a happy holiday.  It’s the time of year when it’s perfectly natural for us to offer season’s greetings to our most precious loved ones, our friends and neighbors, or a stranger: a checker in the grocery store, a random parent pushing a baby stroller, our mailman, or somebody walking a dog.  People even add holiday greetings to their email messages.  We’re all for it.

We think the world’s a better place when we shift our focus, socially, to friendly greetings; and it cheers us every year when this custom is renewed. With every repetition, we are reminded that we do, sincerely, wish for good things for everyone we meet.  And it brings a smile when anyone, even a stranger, wishes us a happy holiday in return. We think it’s a lovely thing when people we haven’t been in contact with all year send a holiday note just to check in and offer a kind word.

We send you our warmest holiday greetings-- thanks for contributing to our favorite holiday tradition! Specifically, we wish for a productive year ahead for all of the businesses in our community.  We have worked with many of you, and you have become friends, inspiring us, and encouraging us to dream big and work hard.  We wish you happy relationships-- with your family and friends, your co-workers, and everyone in our community who contributes to your wellbeing.

We wish you a sense of serenity and confidence as you tackle every challenge that comes your way this season.  We have weathered some crazy things together in 2020, and we will be in your corner through to the end of this busy year.  We have seen your talent, creativity, courage, and determination at close range, and you have reminded us that we are still standing, the world’s a good place, and it rewards those who work together to achieve common goals.

We hope this will prove to be an especially happy, peaceful season for you. May your days be merry and bright. May you have the time to focus on your list of favorite things.  We look forward to hearing what they are!  Contact or call us at 425.922.6800.  Let’s talk soon.

 Happy Holidays from your friends at Axelerate.

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