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Nov 30, 2020
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Russell Wilson, one of the highest-paid players in the NFL, gives credit to his dad for teaching him to always be ready.  “Separation comes from preparation,” was one of many lessons on how to win.  At Axelerate, we agree; Wilson’s dad was right about the advantage of being well equipped and nimble as key components for outperforming your competition.  We happen to believe this philosophy applies to both sports and business.

The first part of a winning plan is vision – the time spent clarifying the mission.  The second part is strategy – the effort to identify how to win.  The third part of every plan is execution – implementing the vision combined with the preset strategies.  The first two components equate to preparation.  In professional football, preparation goes a step further.  Athletes practice the strategies Monday – Saturday to be ready for game day on Sunday.  Day 7 is when the execution of the fundamentals results in a win or loss.

From a talent perspective, winning requires understanding your business objective, what skill sets are required, and the amount of people power required to deliver the work on time and budget.  Building the right team at the right time, so you have the perfect combination of players in place on day one is HR preparation!

Axelerate has the experience to assist you in the preparation process below.  You can begin to implement this simple plan right away, even if your work product isn’t due until later:

As skillset experts, we found the following quote especially relevant on securing phenomenal talent:

Clarify goals - Acquire Talent - Set Targets.  Motivational graphic.

Wilson, at 5’11” writes, “My height doesn’t define my skill set.”  We loved that assertion!  

Superficial characteristics don’t provide enough information for a smart hire.  We are careful, attentive listeners.  We understand the importance of your hiring decisions.  Our recommendations are based on a deep appreciation of your unique business and not only the skillset, but the type of person you need on your team.  

We agree with Wilson’s thought process and sage advice on how to outperform the competition.  Given that we have been in business since 2003, we have seen his principles in action at Axelerate and with the clients we serve.  Axelerate is prepared to serve both talent seekers and job seekers to optimize team performance and career advancement.  The future starts today!  How can we separate you from your competition?  Contact or call us at 425. 922.6800.  Let’s get ready for 2021.

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