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Work of Honor is Driving the Unique Value of having Veterans in the Workplace Nationwide - Axelerate is Helping

May 9, 2018
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Axelerate is proud of having the opportunity to help connect veterans and military spouses to career opportunities through our recent affiliation with “Work of Honor” – an organization dedicated to helping Veterans and their spouses establish post-military, civilian careers.

Their goal is to enable talented individuals to connect with one another and the business community, and to share knowledge and experience. Their desire is to see our communities grow and prosper while strengthening our country’s economy.
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Work of Honor, now nearing the end of their third year of business, is striving to improve the processes by which veterans and military spouses find employment at great companies. Work of Honor’s stated Mission is “To create advancement for our Veteran and Military Spouse members in knowledge, capability, and careers by shedding light on the value of their talents within the business community.”

Work of Honor’s core team consists of four Veterans and eleven Military Spouse employees, passionate about assisting other Veterans and Military Spouses in business networking and career advancement opportunities.  Their goal is to enable talented individuals to connect with one another and the business community, and to share knowledge and experience. Their desire is to see our communities grow and prosper while strengthening our country’s economy.

They accomplish this mission through attention to detail and a focus on process and people. Specifically, Work of Honor concentrates on the following 4 areas:

First - Provide accurate, timely and intelligent connections between job seekers and companies seeking talent by:

  • ‍Thoroughly managing the available jobs and the associated postings
  • Correlating job post content with accepted occupation categories
  • Making use of technology such as Google™ job Search engine, which supports greater visibility
  • Assigning a dedicated company job post representative (veteran/military spouse)
  • Providing ongoing, personal service and support by our veteran/military spouse team

Work of Honor’s Technology Platform continues to grow, now approaching 130,000 views monthly.

Second - Formulating Networking/Hiring events as well as providing:

  • Enhanced interaction between job seekers and hiring representatives
  • Connections for up to 100 veteran and military spouse job seekers each month
  • Events with an average total attendance up to 160 participates

These events have been and continue to be an overwhelming success in attracting top talent.

Third - Improving the visibility of the organizations supporting veteran and military spouse talent through:

  • ‍Hundreds of introductions made weekly to current career opportunities
  • Making Company Partner support visible to Work of Honor’s 16,000 relationships

Fourth - Enriching lives of veteran and military spouse members by:

  • Establishing a speaker series which provides shared experiences of those transitioning from military to civilian careers
  • Providing a shared social media experience to their membership
  • Publishing over 100 articles from 35 contributing writers (veteran and military spouses)

The Work of Honor organization continues to grow – it is currently composed of 100% veteran and military spouse employees and prides itself deeply in providing service to our member community. Some of Work of Honor's specifics include:

  • ‍Work of Honor has approximately of 16,000 veteran and military spouse connections
  • The business network spans over 4000 professionals
  • The Work of Honor team connects monthly with over 1100 active veteran and military spouse job seekers

As a Business Member of the organization, Axelerate will provide financial support as well as future career opportunities to Work of Honor and their connections. Checkout Axelerate’s “Company Connections” blog or contact us directly for information on upcoming Work of Honor events. We're looking forward to engaging with Work of Honor to help them make a difference by building self-sustaining partnerships for growth, opportunity, and advancement for individuals, businesses and community members.  Feel free to explore Axelerate's other community affiliations.


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Nancy Heen, Founder | CEO
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